Business Education Seminars

Business Education Hub, working along industry leaders have developed comprehensive, easy to understand,
readily applicable business seminars to prepare and help you become a successful Business Professional.

As academics, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, You have spent many years learning the arts
and science of your chosen category; however, to become a successful Business Professional you need to learn
the arts and science of running a business.

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Business Education Seminar Features:

  • Exclusive Member’s Only Fees to Seminars, Webinars & Events
  • Exclusive Access to Most Topics
  • Practical Readily Applicable Content
  • Taught by industry experts not academics
  • Readily available via Web or Live Venues
  • Seminars do not take time away from your business time – evenings and weekends
  • Cost effect – no travel or hotel room costs
  • Designed for the whole office – many seminars are applicable to staff – we recommend staff involvement


Business Education Hub Seminars include topics such as:

  • How To Develop Your Professional Business Plan And Who To Consult

  • How To Pitch, Publish And Promote Your Business Plan For Funding

  • How To Chose Your Accountant – Even Before You Start Your Business

  • How To Deal With A Bank – Make Them Your Associate

  • How To Get A Premises Lease In Your FavorHow To Hire The “Right: Employees And Retain Them – Staff Turnovers Are One Of The Costliest Business Expense

  • How To Market Your Services – If People Don’t Know That You Are In Business How Are They To Find Out About You

  • How To “Hire” The Right Consultants

  • How To Manage Cash Flow And Budget – The Success Of A Business Is Cash Flow Management

  • How To Reduce Costs Of Doing Business

  • How To Communicate

  • How To Help Your Clients Pay For Your Services

  • How To Buy Effective And Affordable Advertising

  • How To Effectively Use Your Computer And The Internet For Your Business

  • What To Do With The Profits Of Your Business

  • How To Exit Your Business

  • How T Plan For Growth And Eventually For Retirement

  • How To Give Back To Your Community


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